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    Don’t be fooled

    Don’t be fooled. Citizens with guns are a force for good, not evil. The condemnation of guns is a war on traditional cultural values, particularly…

    “Gun Violence” is a Red Herring

    The shootings in New Zealand stimulated lls for banning guns based on the bogus claim that semi-automatic firearms are too dangerous for civilians to own….

    Blake Brown misrepresents history

    Blake Brown continues to misrepresents the history of gun control. In?his attempt to paint gun control as a feminist issue, he?ignores?women who knew cracking down…

    Survey Exaggerates Support for Gun Bans

    The recent Angus Reid survey exaggerates support for gun bans: “nadians appear to come to more consensus, regarding proposed policy responses. Six-in-ten nadians (61%) say…

    Senator McPhedran spreads false claims

    (Note:?Thanks to helpful criticism, I’ve updated the graph). Senator McPhedran spreads false claims about law-abiding firearms owners. It is revealing that some Liberal appointed Senators,…

    Bill C-71 endangers public safety

    Bill C-71 endangers public safety by ignoring the KISS principle. Keep it simple, Senators. Increasing the paper burden on PAL holders ignores the real problems…

    Why stronger background checks?

    Why does Andrew Scheer support stronger background checks on applints for firearms licences? On 23 January 2019, Dr illin Langmann and I wrote the following…

    Senator Pratte stumbles

    Senator Pratte stumbles when he claims that: “Over the last 10 years, 193 PAL holders were charged or suspected in homicides involving a firearm. ……

    Trudeau’s proposed gun ban

    Justin Trudeau’s proposed gun ban is not likely to be effective. Banning what is already illegal does not sound like a smart way to keep…

    Senator Dean twists statistics

    Senator Dean twisted statistics on the Senate floor.?He incorrectly said that shooting was the most common way to commit suicide in nada. It is not….

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